How much does it cost to record a song?
Because every song has different instrumentation, and every artist works differently, there is not a set price for recording a song. We have three different rooms at different prices, which all serve different needs and functions. When you talk to us about your project, we can direct you to which room would serve you best for your audio needs and your budget.


How much does it cost to mix a song?
Mixing is priced either with a flat fee or by the hour. Each engineer has different prices, timelines and levels of experience. Please call for more detailed information.


I live far away from the studio. do I need to be present for all of the sessions?
No. The technology exists today to work over long distances and you do not always have to be in the same room. We are equipped with an ISDN line, which allows us to do recording sessions with other studios around the world. Also, we have a number of clients from all over the country who send files to be mixed or edited and we are able to work long distance via email and FTP file transfers, saving the clients time and travel.


What is the difference between mixing and mastering?
Mixing is the final blending of all of the sounds that have been recorded. Equalization, compression, and effects like reverb and delays, along with final decisions about volume and placement are made during this step. Mastering is the final process before the product goes to duplication. Tasks like level matching, overall compression, track sequencing, and inserting ISRC codes are usually done in this stage.


Does Luminous do mastering?
Luminous can do things similar to what a mastering engineer can do if need be, but mastering is a different process from recording or mixing that usually requires some different equipment and a mastering engineer who specializes in that. We would always recommend a mastering facility that focuses on that as their main service.


Can Luminous help me with arrangements or session musicians?
Certainly! Luminous has a wide network of world-class musicians and singers, as well as arrangers and producers who can help take your project to the next level. All you have to do is ask.


Does Luminous have instruments for me to use?
Most musicians have an attachment to their own instruments and bring them to the sessions. We do have a beautiful grand piano that is included with Studio A and a selection of keyboards around the studio, as well as some guitar amps on site for a small additional rental fee. If there is something that you want that we do not have, we can usually find it in town for you to use, or have it flown in from a rental service.


I have lyrics but no music, can you help me create my song?
Yes. We can help with music composition as well as production. Every project is different, so we would need to sit down and talk about your vision and musical direction, as well as arrangement and timeline to get a price, but this is a process we can help walk you through.


How much time does it take to make a record?
Creating music is a creative process and there is not a way to gauge how long creativity takes. Albums have been made in a week, and taken years. Most of this depends on the artist and the final goal.


What do I need to have prepared before I come in to record?
Making a plan and being organized can save a lot of time and money in the studio. Having organized files and song tempos as well as plans for arrangements and instrumentation will all help to work efficiently. Before your session, you should speak with the engineer and ask what you can have prepared to make the session go smoothly.


How far in advance do I need to schedule time?
We try to accommodate our clients’ schedules as best we can, but things do get busy. The more notice you can give us the better, but we will always try our best to fit you in as soon as you would like. The more complicated the session, the more notice it would be good to have. No matter how short the notice though, it's always worth asking. Sometimes we can get people in the same day.


Which studio do I need?
We have three different rooms at different prices, which all serve different needs and functions. When you talk to us about your project, we can direct you to which room would serve you best for your audio needs and your budget.


Do you work with unsigned artists?
Yes, of course. We enjoy helping artists with their growing careers and want to give you a great product to help you succeed.


Can you help ME get a record deal or radio play?
Our expertise at Luminous is helping you create the best product you can make to help fuel your success. Unfortunately, we are not a record label or radio programmer, and do not fund people’s projects, or pitch the music to labels or radio.


Do you record all types of genres?
We do. Our studio and engineers have worked with artists and music ranging from classical and country, to rap and heavy metal. Good music is good music, and we love to help make it!