Luminous Sound Studios is Dallas’s premier studio for world-class music, sound engineering and client service, but our reputation doesn’t stop there. Between the coasts and outside of Nashville, there’s no other studio in the U.S. that offers what we do.

LSS is a 6,500-square-foot facility with three state-of-the-art studios and a two-story tracking room all designed by renowned architect Peter Grueneisen and balanced by master acoustician Bob Hodas. Add to that leading-edge technologies and equipment from SSL®, Genelec®, Lexicon® and Avid®, a coveted team of engineers led by two-time Grammy® winner Tre Nagella and music from founder and renowned composer Paul Loomis, and you’ll find Luminous Sound packages everything you need to compose, record and mix any genre of music in one of the country’s finest studios.

The perfect
resource for
large recording
& mixing sessions


>> SSL 9080J analog console
>> Custom Augspurger main
>> 2-story tracking room
    accommodates a
    full-sized ensemble
>> 2 additional isolation
>> 7'4" Yamaha grand piano
>> ProTools HD system
>> 7.1 Surround capable

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all-digital room
ideal for mixing,
music composition
& production


>> ProTools HD
>> Lexicon 960L
>> Multiple keyboards, MIDI
    gear, and EastWest
    Symphonic library
>> Genelec monitoring
>> 5.1. Surround capable

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The ideal room
for recording
vocal &
overdubs, TV
& radio spot
video post-


>> ProTools HD

>> Zephyr ISDN codec

>> Genelec monitoring

>> Phone patch capability


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