When it comes to sound design, ADR, SFX editing, audio restoration or mixing in Surround, we have the experience and the resources to make your project sound fantastic. And since all three of our studios are fully integrated, on large projects with multiple needs you can easily move from room to room as needed. Whether you need compositions or post for TV or radio commercials, feature or short films, video games, or audio books, we can help you create and mix any audio needs you may have.


Taken collectively, we’ve written more than 1,000 pieces of original music that have helped drive more than $1 billion in revenue. Our talent and experience in composition and arrangement make us extremely versatile when it comes to writing in different musical genres. While many composers tend to focus on the type of music they write well, our team is equally adept writing hip-hop, pop, rock, country, classical and jazz.


An excellent mix can create excitement, add clarity, convey emotion and get the absolute best from the tracks you’ve recorded. A poor mix can leave even a good performance dull and flat. Whether your tracks were recorded at Luminous or not, you can send them to us, and we can put the final polish on your song to make it the professional product you need to be heard.


For more than 25 years, Luminous Sound has been one of the “go-to” places for commercial music for television, radio and film. Whether it’s music for long-term branding, or a post-score for a specific project, advertising agencies and television and radio stations from all over the country call on us to deliver music that is original, dynamic and effective. Luminous Sound produces hundreds of commercial tracks every year utilizing some of the best musicians and vocalists from around the world, and we’d love to do the same for you.


There are plenty of studios that can offer you a room to cut an album. But how many offer a composer with 30 years’ experience and a two-time Grammy Award-winning engineer? How many have helped produce albums and tracks for talent as diverse as Lady Gaga, The Eagles, Lil’ Wayne and Kirk Franklin? At Luminous Sound, we have the team, the equipment and the experience to help you create an album that’s the absolute best it can be.